Welcome to Elmwood Street School

Andrew Hall, Principal

Corey Burke, Asst. Principal

As a School Community, We Believe:-Purposeful collaboration between students, parents, faculty, and staff promotes student engagement, wellbeing, success, and achievement;-Students learn best in a safe, supportive, and equitable learning environment;-Academics should be authentic, rigorous, and promote self-directed learning and collaboration;-Our students must think independently, respect individuality, and act with integrity in the global community to become productive citizens;-We are all learners, we are all educators.
Elmwood Reentry Plan 2020-2021

To request a Chromebook, please send an email to cbrequest@millburyschools.org

Kindergarten Registration will start Monday January 25th. Applications are due by March 1st.

Copy of Clever Login sheet - Elmwood

In order to access the Online Curriculum, please go to Clever.com. Following are the directions for accessing the curriculum in Clever:

Go to Clever.com and log in as a student.

You will have to search for Elmwood Street School.

Scan your child’s printed Clever Badge using that option. If you do not have a camera or printed Clever Badge - K and 1 may login an alternate way using their lunch code and the password is millbury (lowercase).

Second and Third grade students may also login using their school gmail accounts which is last name.first name@students.millburyschools.org. The password is - lunch code plus day of birth (no spaces).

In addition to the classroom curriculum, the students may work on my website by accessing it through Clever.

Online Payments

You can pay the following online from your

checking account or credit card through Unibank:

Morning Care / Aftercare

Pre-K Tuition

School Lunch:

Go to UniPay Gold Online